Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PuBLiC SpeaKiNg & StoRyTeLLiNg CoMPeTiTioNs

DaTe : 26th oF February 2009
TiMe : 8 a.m - 12:30 a.m
VeNue : 1) Storytelling - DeWaN SKBS
2) Public Speaking - PuSaT SuMBeR SKBS

CoNGraTuLaTioN To aLL The PaRTiCiPaNTs aLoNg WiTh The WiNNeRs eSPeCiaLLy. We HoPe ThaT aLL oF you Had GaiNed The eXPeRieNCeS Needed FoR The FuTuRe eVeNT. GooD LuCk.

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